In portraits and phrases / by mmkeyes

Recently Brandon and I have been watching a lot of Netflix. And I love it. I love cuddling up on the couch and laughing at a Friends episode or wide-eyed watching a documentary on the rainforests of Borneo. But I haven't been able to suppress the feeling that I've let some things fall by the wayside that don't belong there; things that are integral parts of who I am and that keep me grounded. I want this blog to be a place for me to keep committed to those things. W o r d s

The written word has always had an incredibly powerful influence on me. For me, childhood was full of books and stories. Given my family heritage, this was an inevitability that I'm extremely grateful for. My parents are both English majors: my father is director of publishing for a large, religious publishing company. Sprinkled throughout the memories of my entire life are images of my father holding a manuscript and a highlighter. He read us Tolkien as bedtime stories, and he was diligent in gathering his children for family scripture study. I remember him frequently reading and discussing editorials with my mom on Sunday afternoons. My mother is an editor, a director of Shakespeare plays (of which she is a true connoisseur), and her eight children's wonderful guide into the large and fascinating world of literature. Our home is full of bookshelves, bending with the weight of the works they hold. I spent as much time reading a book next to the heater as I spent anywhere in my childhood home.

I also think that words have an inherent power about them that is spiritual in origin.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

That scriptures intrigues me. Christ is the Word, and He is our Savior and Creator.

And it came to pass that according to his word he did destroy them; and according to his word he did lead them; and according to his word he did do all things for them; and there was not any thing done save it were by his word.

That speaks to an incredible power and symbolism.

Since I finished graduate school, reading and writing have taken a backseat (more like they missed the bus entirely) in my life. I used to be a very consistent journaler, and I used to read a lot. If I was in the middle of a book, getting me up to hang out with friends was often a lost cause. I hope to make this a space where I can sort out my thought processes and share some of the words that have affected me at my core.

I m a g e s

As incredible and beautiful as language is, sometimes it fails. Regarding language, George MacDonald (a favorite of mine) said

Whatever belonging to the region of thought and feeling is uttered in words, is of necessity uttered imperfectly. For thought and feeling are infinite, and human speech, although far-reaching in scope, and marvellous in delicacy, can embody them after all but approximately and suggestively.

Where words fail, sometimes an image succeeds. One simple image can elicit a host of emotions and memories. I love admiring the diverse beauty of this world, and I love capturing simple and profound moments that happen within it. I want to make sure I take the time to treasure the beauties of the world around me and that I make them a significant part of my everyday life. Everyday life can often feel mundane, but I know that there is beauty in the mundane if I will take the time to recognize it. I hope that what I write and post here will be an accurate representation of my life: the adventure, but also the "quick succession of busy nothings" that it is most often made up of.