Kristina Hosea | Missionary Session / by Martha Keyes

I have a picture of me at age 13 holding Kristina on my lap. She was probably 7. I'd post it here, but 13 was not a kind age to me, and let's be honest, you're here to see Tina! Suffice it to say, I've known Tina a long time. How incredible is it that she's now about to head off on a mission?! I love this beautiful woman, and it was such a lovely experience to spend the evening together, talking about her preparations to depart for the California San Jose Mission, Tongan Speaking. 

Tina is a complete natural in front of the camera--between that, her beauty, and the incredible wildflowers, my job was easy peasy! I have never had such a hard time choosing photos--as you can see from the number I've posted here. People tell Tina she looks like Beyonce--my response to that: "Beyonce only wishes she had it so good!" Tina's inner beauty somehow manages to enhance her outer beauty--something that Hollywood doesn't understand, and something that will make Sister Hosea a powerful missionary! I'm so excited for her and grateful to have had the opportunity to capture some pre-mission moments with her!