Kauai Babymoon / by Martha Keyes

Traveling has been a large and important part of our lives as a couple over the last few years. With two babies on the way, we know that things are going to change quite drastically in a couple of months, and we wanted to take advantage of a last chance to travel together just the two of us. We still plan to do some traveling once the twins come, but it will be a very different affair whenever that happens. We decided to go as early on in the pregnancy as Brandon's work would permit so that I wouldn't be too uncomfortably large and would still able to do a lot of the activities we would normally do. As it ended up, I was 22 weeks when we left to Hawaii, and it worked out great! We had such a great time on Kauai exploring the island and enjoying our time together! 

Some of my favorite photos from our time on Kauai (or skip to the end for a video of our time there):

North Side

We spent two days on the north side of the island. This was the side I was most anxious to see, and we primarily beach hopped. 

-Ha'ena Beach
-Kalihiwai Beach
-Tunnels Beach
-Anini Beach
-Hanalei Bay/Town
-Secret Beach
-Hanakapiai Trail


East Side

We stayed on the east side of the island in Kapa'a, but we only spent one full day there. Despite that, we really enjoyed the beaches we went to and the things we did.

-Lydgate Park Beach
-Papa'a Beach
-Hukilau Lanai


South Side

We liked the south side of the island quite a bit and spent about two days there.
-Po'ipu Beach
-Beach House Beach
-Kukuiolono Golf Course
-Porky's Cart

West Side

We spent our first full day on the west side of the island exploring Waimea and Koke'e Parks. It was beautiful!